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Yemeni Pomegranate



Yemeni Pomegranate is a unique and exotic pomegranate variety originating from Yemen. These pomegranates are characterized by their vibrant red skin and plump, jewel-like arils. Yemeni Pomegranates are renowned for their intense sweetness and distinctive floral undertones, setting them apart from other varieties. The arils are exceptionally juicy and sweet, making them a sought-after choice for enjoying fresh or incorporating into desserts and beverages. Their flavor profile adds a touch of exotic flair to culinary creations.



  • Origin: Yemen
  • Appearance: Vibrant red skin, jewel-like arils
  • Taste: Intensely sweet with distinctive floral undertones
  • Culinary Uses: Exceptionally juicy and sweet arils for fresh consumption, desserts, and beverages. Adds an exotic flair to culinary creations.
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