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Shana Huda Mango



Shana Huda Mango is a specific variety of mango known for its exceptional sweetness and rich, aromatic flavor. It is a large, round mango with a reddish-yellow skin when ripe. The flesh is juicy, smooth, and intensely sweet with a pleasant fragrance. Shana Huda Mango is often enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary applications, including desserts, salsas, and chutneys. It is prized for its exquisite taste and high quality.



  • Origin: India
  • Appearance: Large, round, reddish-yellow skin
  • Taste: Juicy, sweet, and richly aromatic
  • Culinary Uses: Enjoyed fresh, used in desserts, salsas, and chutneys. Prized for its exquisite taste and quality.
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