Irrigation Systems

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  • Irrigation Sprinkler System Design, Installation And Maintenance

    We strive for complete customer satisfaction. We are able to achieve this by offering our clients the most superior products while considering all conservation aspects. These components have proven to be of the highest quality available in the market today, as they are the most reliable of all brands with the most extensive manufacturer’s warranty. Our goal is to provide you with an automated irrigation system that will be virtually self-sufficient and maintenance free for years to come. Our services are listed below, including our newly offered sprinkler/landscaping packages.

    Sprinkler System Design

    Shajani Landscapers considers the most recent manufacturer’s installation recommendations, such as head to head spacing, square and triangular spacing combined with extensive installation experience to custom design a system that is unique and site specific to the landscape features of the area in accordance with the customer’s needs and price range.

    Sprinkler System Installation

    At Shajani Landscapers, we understand that appearance is important. Our goal is to arrive on site in a timely manner and perform all tasks necessary for the proper installation of your sprinkler system while maintaining a professional appearance. We also pride ourselves on the preservation of existing grass and shrubbery, for there is no greater compliment than to have our clients tell us that they can barely tell we have been there. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
    Sprinkler System Maintenance

    We also offers a maintenance program for all residential and commercial clients. The programs range from monthly, quarterly, to yearly inspections. Relatively low in cost, this option is a nice addition to your basic installation, as any necessary adjustments or seasonal reprogramming of your sprinkler system will be performed as scheduled without concerning the customer in any way. This program is also available for customers who already have a working sprinkler system.

    Sprinkler System Repair
    Shajani Farms Landscapers provide maintains a full service division, offering repairs on all types of existing sprinkler systems including automated, manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric. Many times, older systems that no longer function properly or at all can be salvaged and repaired, saving the customer many costs associated with a new installation.

    Landscaping Service

    Shajani Farms now designs and renovates landscapes in addition to providing watering systems. Many times, the customer needs both done at once, and we offer a substantial discount for our landscaping and sprinkler system packages.

    Drainage Service

    Shajani Farms Landscapers can also ensure that your property has adequate water drainage. Your foliage has little chance for survival if there is standing water for any length of time. Although Houston is known for its dry seasons, it is not unknown to flooding at times. We are here to create a beautiful landscape you can enjoy through all seasons!
    If you feel you possibly have the need for any of our available services, or if you have any questions or concerns, please take a moment to Contact Us.