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  • Indoor & Outdoor Plants

    What can plants bring to my space?

    Plants can bring around a matter of liveliness in your place. They range from outdoor to indoor plants for decoration. Shajani Farms provide the best quality plants online to meet your needs.
    We help you setup a wide range of succulent plants for your home or office. These plants help you make your space look great & provide the benefits of live plants.
    Shajani Farms aim to change the agriculture and landscaping industry. Our mission is to innovate through digital platform. We service clients from large offices to homes. Our selection of plants has succulent bowls to large outdoor plants. There is an option of selecting a wide range of containers for your plants. What Shajani Farms aims to do is to provide a 360 solution to all your landscaping needs from indoor to outdoor plantation.

    Why Shajani Farms?

    Our plants are meticulously grown in special environment with a wide variety of containers catered to your specification. Shajani Farms provide a team of individuals who are passionate, from the design to landscaping process along with the maintenance of the plants. Our expertise lies with golden experience along with innovative design for your space. Let’s work together to build a better environment for you.

  • Outdoor Electric Work

    An important aspect of any outdoor setting is the electric work required. Most people usually underestimate the benefits of decent electric wiring and suffer consequences after a short period. Shajani farms has expert electricians who not only optimize the use of cables, but ensure that the wiring is easy to recognize and update for future changes. We understand that getting proper power to the outside space of your home can completely change the aesthetics of your garden or pool area along with providing safer solutions to cable management.
    Our areas of expertise are:
    – Landscape Lighting work
    – Cable Management
    – Sockets and Switches
    – Home Grounding

    Electric wiring can be a bit expensive, but neglecting these services can have a huge impact on your home. Luckily, Shajani farms provides all the above-mentioned services at an affordable rate, book a session now to further discuss your project.

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